Standing Committee


Rector, Churchwardens, PCC Secretary and PCC Treasurer - all ex officio. The PCC may also nominate additional members - normally up to two.

Members shall hold office until the conclusion of the next annual meeting of the parish.

The quorum shall be three members of the committee.

Other PCC members and others may attend and speak, by invitation, at meetings.

[It follows that dates of meetings must be declared well in advance to all PCC members and meetings must not clash with other committees.]


The committee will appoint its own chairman.

Purpose and process

a)To deal with urgent issues and routine minor business on behalf of the PCC

b)To monitor actions agreed by the PCC and to prepare agendas for forthcoming PCC meetings

There will continue to be a tracking function in relation to the PCC’s business, and a role in identifying emerging issues. 

c)To deal with the management of new works

d)To manage the upkeep of the premises

The day-to-day work under these headings will need to be entrusted by the committee to individuals or teams.The committee will receive reports at each meeting on the progress of any new works; and will, at appropriate intervals in each case, consider the various aspects of the upkeep of the premises.

Meetings generally to be held monthly.

Rector to be Chairman, and PCC Secretary to produce and promulgate agendas.

Committee to provide after each meeting a written report for the PCC which will then be appended to the PCC minutes.

Should a vote be required:all ex-officio and nominated members to have a vote, the business to be decided by a majority of the members present and voting thereon.

Committee Chairman to have an additional casting vote if necessary.

If between scheduled meetings an urgent matter arises, the Rector (as PCC Chairman) will decide on the way forward.

[Options include phone or e-mail consultation of committee members; calling of an emergency PCC meeting by the Chairman with three days’ written notice to all PCC members; or, exceptionally if timing dictates, reference to a scheduled forthcoming PCC meeting.Whatever procedure is adopted, every effort will be made to involve all committee members in the discussion, and the temptation to involve the PCC unnecessarily in discussion of detail will be avoided!]



The Standing Committee has power to transact PCC business between its meetings subject to any directions given by the PCC.

Any expenditure to be limited to emergencies only, and reported to the PCC as soon as practicable.None to be incurred beyond £1000 since the last such report, unless in case of delegation by the PCC.

Committee to be sensitive to the need for full PCC to make the major decisions, including those on significant policy issues.

Urgent matters which go beyond these limitations to be referred to PCC on emergency basis as above.

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