Our bells

We have a ring of 6 bells vary in age from 1717 to 1856, though there are records of bells in this tower back to 1552. The bells are hung in their original oak frame. The weight of the bells varies from just over 3 hundredweight for the number 2 to just over 8 hundredweight for the tenor. The treble, normally the lightest bell, is heavier than the 2 at just over 4 hundredweight. This is because the 2 had to be recast in 1856 after it fell out of the tower. That is why our tower is part brick and part flint.

We have, what is called, a ground floor ring. This means that the bell ringers ring the bells from the ground floor of the church rather than from a raised level within the tower. This is great for weddings as the congregation can watch the bells being run as the follow the bride and groom out of the church.

We have bell ringing pratice twice a week:
      Tuesday morning, normally between 11:00 and 12:00
      Saturday morning, normally between 09:00 and 11:00.
Both of these practices are open to anybody who would like to learn to ring or would simply like to join us for practice.

If you would like more details about ringing our bells, please contact our Secretary, Sue on 01474 874611.


Facts about our bells

How big are they, whom made them and what's inscribed on them.


Some pictures of our bells

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