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A warm welcome from the Rector


                                 Looking for the Light ….

January and February can be longest of months, cold, wet and dark. This year starts in lockdown once again and better times although spoken of often on the TV seem so far away.

The holiday plans that usually keep us going have not been made for fear of cancellation and we continue to worry for our families, for the men and women bearing the brunt of the pandemic on so many different front lines.

Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Have you noticed the evenings are starting to stay light a little longer?

Have you noticed signs of buds on the trees and snowdrops or primroses starting to open; bunches of daffodils in our shops?

Our Christmas Christingles remind us that Jesus is the light of the world – a light that can never be overcome by darkness. A light of warmth and love, that is with us through the dark days and offers hope for the days to come.

‘Do not worry about tomorrow,’ Jesus said, ‘today’s trouble is enough for today’. That seems so true for so many of us this year. So take a moment to focus on the wonder of nature starting to wake up. Add a bunch of daffodils to your shop and focus on the beauty of the flowers. Watch for the lighter evenings with joy and gratitude, and greet each day in the light and love of Christ and with hope.

God Bless … Rev Helen


                                      Photographs of Christingles made by members of Ash Saplings.

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