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11. The earliest deed with South Ash Manor connections

In the collection of charters held by the British Museum is one bearing reference B.M. Add Ch 16459 dated 1st November 1310. Unfortunately over the centuries much of the text of the parchment has become faded and cannot be identified, in which case the missing text is marked on this transcript by … and at the outset I must place on record my grateful thanks to Mrs. Zena Bamping of Kingsdown for translating as well as seeing the original document in the British Museum.

“On the Feast of All Saints in the fourth year of the reign of King Edward son of Edward first after the Conquest John de Suth Essch..Margery de Peckham the said John has given & this present charter (confirms) to the aforesaid Margery all his manor of Suth Essehe with all its appurtances…..and all other tenements that Agnes mother of the said John held in dower in the same manor from the heirs/the inheritance of the said John the day of completion…rent….suits of court Reliefs….& all other…parishes of Kemeseynges North Essc North Essche and Asscheherst elsewhere..now belonging without any reservation in the same place. Having and holding the said Margery all the said tenements with all their appurtances..with aforesaid tenements which the aforesaid Agnes held in dower as above written…..(of the chief) lord of that fee by services therefore owed & accustomed For ever and paying therefore per annum to the said John & Elena his wife plus a certain Margery de Pacham (and the heirs of) John and Elena lawfully begotton…twenty pounds sterling paying at Easter ten pounds & at Michaelmas ten pounds for all services…. the said John and Elena auit of court to the heirs of the same John...said tenements..belonging For ever And the said John and Elena & the heirs (and assigns) warrant to the same Margery and their heirs & whoever their assigns all the tenements above written with their appurtances..royal suits & services therefore owed For ever in witness whereof both aforesaid John & Elena & aforesaid Margery This charter cyrographate…completed their seal alternatively affixed These being witnesses Sir Adam de Chivenyng William de Croyr & William de Chelesfend..John de Chymberham William de Chymberham Richard de Stansted clerk Achard de Aldeham John Soninord junior William de Eyneford Henry (Fremolyn) (one more name) Richard Eyncheman Ralph Freymolyn Richard Bryn & others Given at Aldeham on the feast of All Saints the year above written”.


147 At Westminster, Octave of the Purification of the B Virgin A4 betw John, son of Ralph de Esshe and Elena his wife plts and Margeria de Pecham deft, of 2 mess, l carucate of land, 12 acre wood, 9 acr mead and 50s rent with appurts in Kemesyng, Northesshe and Essherst John admits it to be the right of Margeria, who, for the admission, grants to John and Elena and to his heirs by her, but if none , then after their deaths to remain to the right heirs of John (the fine is dated the week commencing 2nd February 1311)
From Arch Cant Vol XI, 1877 page 338.

Leslie Morgan


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