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10:30am service

Format of services

All these services are based on the Church of England’s Common Worship.

1st Sunday of the month Family Worship
2nd Sunday of the month Holy Communion with Healing
3rd Sunday of the month Morning Worship
4th Sunday of the month Holy Communion - Sung
5th Sunday of the month Joint Group Worship

All our church services focus on the wonder of God’s power as we praise him together. We ask for forgiveness for the things we know we should not have done, or have failed to do. We listen to teaching from the Bible to help us shape our lives to be more like Jesus, trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide and help us.  

Family Worship
Short friendly service for all the family and for those unused to traditional church worship, lasting about 60 mins. It is an informal service using data projection, led by a variety of people and groups, and may include the involvement of the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades, or our Junior Church. It is very much a family centred service with children of all ages welcomed - and they often take part with musical instruments. The organ (or piano) is usually augmented by a small music group, and assisted by an informal choir

Holy Communion - sung
A formal service of Holy Communion in which we remember the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his death and resurrection. Parts of the service are sung with a robed choir leading the singing. There will normally be 2 Bible readings and a sermon to help us apply God’s word to our current situation. The service lasts about 75 mins.

Holy Communion with Healing
A service of Holy Communion, with a robed choir leading the singing of hymns, but less formal than the sung service, lasting about 75 mins and including prayer for healing. As Christians, we believe that God is alongside us in times of physical, mental and emotional distress, and that we can ask for his support and comfort to bring us to wholeness. During the receiving of Communion, anyone who would like to ask prayer for themselves, or others, is invited to go to one of the healing stations, in the Lady Chapel or at the back of the church, where someone will pray with them in privacy.

Morning Worship
A simple, prayerful service in modern language, with a Psalm and 2 Bible readings, in which we will explore in different ways the meaning of the Bible for us today. A choir leads us in singing hymns and the service lasts about 60 mins.

Joint Group Worship
Fifth Sunday worship will be provided at one of the Group's church and all congregations will be welcome at that service.

Refreshments are always provided after the 10:30 service, so please stay and have a drink and a biscuit.

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