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A warm welcome from the Rector


        Countdown to Easter

February is here already and in church we begin the countdown to Easter.

At the end of the month it’s Pancake Day where we clear our cupboards and have our last sweet treats before entering into Lent.


So Why Do We Have Pancake Day

Pancake Day is also called Shrove Tuesday and is one last chance for a big party before Lent begins with Ash Wednesday the next day.

Long ago, Christians traditionally used up all the eggs and fat they had in store by making pancakes and feasting on them. This was because when Lent came, they would eat less food, or even fast (do without food sometimes) to help them focus on God and not on the things they wanted. This tradition has been passed down the generations.

Shrove Tuesday always falls 47 days before Easter, a date which changes every year. This year, we’ll be eating our pancakes on 25th February 2020.


Why is Lent important?

Lent is a time of getting ready for Easter.

When Jesus was just getting started with his work, he went into the desert for 40 days to be all alone with God. He even went without food and prayed, and was tempted away from what God wanted him to do in all kinds of ways, but he resisted that temptation. You can read that story in the Bible: Matthew 4:1-11.

During Lent, Christians often do something different too, like praying every day or reading the Bible; helping others in need - maybe by contributing to a Food Bank. This is done to focus on God, to feel closer to God and consider how following Jesus informs and transforms how we live our lives.

The good news is that Sundays are still celebration days – so you can take a break from fasting!

Our calendar will soon be updated with details of Holy Week and Easter Services – which always include an Easter Egg Hunt for the children on Easter day.

 God Bless …. Rev Helen.

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