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    The Parish church of New Ash Green,
    Ash Village and Hodsoll Street.

    Ash Church is part of a group of local parishes
    (Rural North West Kent Group)
    which arrange services across the group's places of worship.



    Whilst we are unable to hold Sunday services in church during these unprecedented times, we will provide an 'online' service each Sunday.

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    Local Lay Minister Susan Heads shares her thoughts of how the unfolding events, in light of the Corona-virus (Covid-19) measures, are affecting her and offers encouragement and insight through our faith in Jesus Christ.

    The branches of the bramley apple tree in our garden are now bending under the weight of the fruit, one of the branches almost touches the ground, although they are a long way from being ripe yet. I have been closely observing the hedgerows as I walk around the village and fields around home. It also looks as if it will be a very good year for blackberries. I need to clear out the freezer in the shed, I am sure I still have sliced apple, and bags of blackberries from last year, which need to be used up before this year’s crops are ready to be picked. When walking up to the village yesterday, I walked through the orchard next to the Minnis, the apple trees look amazing, but I wanted to see how the fruit on the mirabelle tree was coming along, but I could not find it, and I don’t think it was just that the grass has not been cut back (I like the semi-wild feel it has this year). I thought I had found the tree by looking at the shape of the leaves, but I could not see any fruit on it. This surprised me. Maybe it’s going to be a quiet year for mirabelles. With that thought in my mind, I went for a walk in the afternoon to a line of wild plum trees on the way to Hodsoll Street. I crossed the field approaching the line of trees, but did not go through the gate, because there was a small herd of young cattle quietly lying in a group on the other side. I could see from my side of the gate that there was hardly any fruit on the trees. Shame, the wild plums and mirabelles make lovely jam and crumbles. I wonder what it is in nature that can make a good year for apples and blackberries, a quiet year for other fruit, which usually becomes ripe for harvest around the same time. Or, is it just the particular trees from which I have been picking fruit for years are resting this year. Whatever the answer to that, it will be a very good year for apples and blackberries. I have a good stock of empty jam jars (thanks to friends who donate their empties to me), and I am stocking up with sugar in readiness. The recipe I use requires equal amounts of blackberries and apple, and Simon and I regularly debate whether to call the jam “Apple and blackberry” or “blackberry and apple”. I find it satisfying to go out and pick blackberries and apples, pop them in Mum’s old preserving pans with equal amounts of sugar, and turn it in to jam to last us all year, with plenty also to give away. All good things come from God, and we must give thanks and appreciate it.

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