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    Whilst we are unable to hold Sunday services in church during these unprecedented times, we will provide an 'online' service each Sunday.

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    Local Lay Minister Susan Heads shares her thoughts of how the unfolding events, in light of the Corona-virus (Covid-19) measures, are affecting her and offers encouragement and insight through our faith in Jesus Christ.

    Yesterday was just an ordinary day in the office, except of course, that “ordinary” it was not. I am used to working in the office on my own. Before merging my practice in 2016, my Sunday routine involved going to the 8 o’clock service at Ash, then setting going into the office to do all the things I had not been able to do during the busy working week, without the phone or people popping in to interrupt me.
    The conversations I was having with colleagues yesterday all at that “edge” that the coronavirus has brought to our working lives. We are used to working under pressure – that comes with the territory – but we can usually call upon our past experiences of similar situations, and problem sharing with each other, to find a way through. But there are no similar past experiences that we can use as benchmarks for the problems we are facing now. Although some parallels have been drawn with the banking crisis in 2008, this – to me - feels very different. The parallel I would draw, and I am much older than the majority of my work colleagues, is with the oil crisis and wide spread strikes led to “three day week” in the early 1970s, when transport, the postal service (which was vital in the pre-internet age) and even the power supply more or less came to a halt. We got through it, but only by being prepared to adapt and change the way we worked. The effects were profound and real, but flexibility had to come into our working lives if we were survive.
    People in leadership roles at the moment, in government, in commerce and industry, and in all aspects of public and our private lives have some unenviable decisions to make, and I felt disappointed to hear on the news this morning, that grumbles have started to be voiced, that “so and so” needs to be held to account…. “so and so” needs to do something, or has not done something. We need to face the face that it is going to be impossible to get it right first time every time, mistakes will be made, and there will probably be a time when the dust settles to look back and determine whether things could have been done better, in the meantime, the words of my Dad’s favourite hymn come to mind
    “Guide me Oh my great Redeemer, pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak but Thou are mighty, hold me with thy powerful hand”.
    I pray that all those who are in leadership roles, with the tough decisions to take, will be guided by God, and the decisions they make will be – if not always the “right” ones with the benefit of hindsight, at least the wisest, and best decisions possible, in light of the situations before them, and in the meantime, lets also remember to keep washing our hands.

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