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Altar Servers

Robed altar servers assist the priest during communion services.

At the 8am communion service every Sunday, one altar server assists the priest with the handling of altar vessels and the associated ablutions.

At the 10:30 communion service, every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month, there are four altar servers:
    The crucifer who carries the Processional Cross.
    Two acolytes who carry the candles.
    The book-bearer who carries the Gospel Book.
There is an entry procession at the start of the service when all those involved with conducting the service, including the robed choir, are lead in by the Processional Cross.
During the Gradual Hymn, the crucifer, acolytes and book-bearing lead the preacher to the centre of the church where the Gospel is read.
During the preparation for communion, the acolytes receive the wafers (bread) and the wine and water brought forward by members of the congregation. One of the acolytes will also assist the priest with the ablutions performed before and after the giving of communion. It is also during this preparation time that the acolytes will raise their candles as the wafers are offered to God and as the wine is offered to God.
At the end of the service, the crucifer will lead the choir away followed by the acolytes, the book-bearer and those involved with conducting the service, leaving the priest on the chancel step for the blessing and dismissal.

There are three teams of servers, each performing their 10:30 communion services in rotation.
Any member on the church electoral roll can join the altar serving team. There is no restriction on age, gender or church attendance. Altar servers are recruited at the discretion of the Rector.
If you would like to join the team, please have a word with the Head Server George Mills (872455).

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