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Deanery Lent Course (2020)


What is Talking …. the Good News?

Talking the Good News is a four session course designed to help ordinary church members to feel comfortable talking about the good news of Jesus to people who are not yet active worshippers.

The stated aims are:
      To help church members to be confident that we have good news worth sharing.
      To know how to put this into ordinary everyday language. 

Why we need this course

Hundreds of people use our buildings and benefit from the ministries offered by the church.  Only a few actually participate in the worship and spiritual life of the church.  They are missing out on the good news that they could experience if they were to know God better.

Many of these have pre-conceived ideas about God and his church which discourage them from wanting to move ahead in their faith journey.  They need to hear credible stories of how God is real and makes a difference in everyday life.

What is involved?

Through video clips, fun activities and discussions, the course explores some of the fears we have and helps to build confidence in ordinary church members that we do have stories to tell.

We will look at how people make the journey to faith and what we can say to help them understand that coming to church could be good news for them too.

Overview & Aims

At St John’s Centre, Wrotham Road, Meopham, DA13 0AA  

Timings week one              6pm – 9pm    start with pancakes and teas and coffees

Timings weeks two – four   7:15pm  for 7:30pm - 9pm   


Week One - 25th February 2020: Starting where they are.

1.       To understand how people come to faith.
2.       To know that we can help them on their journey.

Week Two – 3rd March:  Yes, but How?

1.       To be able to talk about the good news of Jesus in everyday language.
2.       To improve our listening skills.

Week Three – 10th March: Facing Fears without Tears.

1.       To be confident that we do have stories of good news to share.
2.       To overcome our fear of talking to people about our faith

Week Four – 17th March: What now?  How now?

1.       To be confident in inviting people to a church activity or event.
2.       To be confident in responding to big questions

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